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Insurevest Corporation

Comprehensive Insurance and Investments in Franklin, TN

Knowing how to allocate your money wisely can be a confusing process. That’s why Seniors Retirement Solutions should be your first choice for insurance and investments in Franklin, TN. Jim Labrec founded the Insurevest Corporation over three decades ago, intending to represent multiple companies offering similar products. Doing so makes it simpler for clients like you to research insurance options, investment funds, and retirement planning.


Term insurance ads may be misleading because they often boast the lowest rates in history. Usually, this doesn’t provide all of the information. Typically the rates advertised are for non-smoking women. In reality, that demographic only covers about 15% of the total individuals applying for term insurance. More often than not, you’ll end up paying more than you should and qualify permanently based on inaccurate health information.

To ensure you’re not misled, it’s critical to talk to an experienced agent at an insurance company that cares about you and is upfront about the lifestyle and health metrics that factor into your rate. For example, certain medications for blood pressure or cholesterol, smoking in the last three to five years, receiving a DUI, or visiting a psychiatrist or chiropractor can all affect your rate. Sometimes other special treatment during the previous 24 months may also work against you. These are situations that need the guidance of an insurance professional.

Insurance and Investments in Franklin, TN

Investment Funds

Right now, there are more than 1,800 investment funds available for you to choose from. Because Insurevest Corporation doesn’t represent a single company, we are in an ideal position to advise your investment fund decisions. We’ll sit down and discuss your investment goals and which organizations will help you along your journey. Some options include planning for a college education, retirement, or a savings investment during your working years. Most investments have a history of realizing a positive return in the long run, but higher-risk portfolios also serve a purpose.

Specialized Services

Milestone events like the birth of children, job changes, retirement, health concerns, and divorce often require a review of your insurance investments and other financial vehicles. Our job is to gather information and answer questions honestly so that you can make wise decisions about your own planning process. Talk to us about estate planning and transition planning to ensure a smooth progression through life’s changes.