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Insurevest Corporation

Insurance and Investments in Franklin, TN

Seniors Retirement Solutions can meet your needs for insurance and investments in Franklin, TN, through our Insurevest Corporation. Jim Labrec founded Insurevest more than 30 years ago to represent multiple companies making it unnecessary to go to several places to get the kind of products and services you need.


You may have seen ads for term insurance, boasting the lowest rates in history. The truth is that only a partial amount of information is ever shown. First of all, the rates advertised are generally the best-preferred nonsmoker rates available, often the lower female rates. Currently just over 15% of individuals applying qualify for these rates. You can end up paying more than you should, and you may have been qualified permanently on an inaccurate health basis. The majority of people need an agent to guide them through the process, particularly when it comes to choosing the right insurance company, should there be some health situation that makes them qualify for less than the preferred rate. This may be because of certain medications you take for blood pressure or cholesterol, smoking in the last three to five years, receiving a DUI, or perhaps visiting a psychiatrist or chiropractor. Sometimes other special treatment during the previous 24 months may also work against you. These are situations that need the guidance of an insurance professional.

Insurance and Investments in Franklin, TN

Investment Funds

Right now there are more than 1800 investment funds available. There are many fine ones, all of which are up and down with the market at any given point. Most of them have a history of having had a positive return in the long run.

There is an art to being able to select any investment fund rather than just a proprietary fund by an employee broker. The risk level that you can handle personally or that meets the time frame of your objective is not automatic with all of the funds. Many funds are designed for a specific need, whether it is a college education, retirement planning, or a savings investment during your working years.

Let us advise you because we don't represent a single company. Part of the fact-gathering process requires an interview that assesses your needs and your risk comfort zone while gathering an understanding of your financial situation to enable the right fund selection.

Specialized Services

Estate planning and life transition planning for such milestone events like the birth of children, changing jobs, retirement, poor health, divorce, etc., all require a review of your insurance investments and other financial vehicles.

At Retirement Solutions, we have the integrity and professional experience, to save hours of your time and prevent you from making major mistakes. We do sell products but will never ask you to buy. Our job is to gather information, answer your questions and then allow you to determine whether the planning in place now is to your advantage and to be sure the recommendations are within your affordability range. You are in charge.