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Financial Planning

Your faith in God should affect your overall financial situation throughout life. Jesus, in His parables and other teachings in the Bible, discussed financial matters as much as He discussed heaven and hell combined. Addressing financial issues is vital while we spend our time here on Earth.

Faith & Heaven

The discussion of faith, heaven, and eternity can provide some helpful answers when making financial decisions, both as an individual and as a family member. It is amazing how your thoughts about these subjects can have a dramatic impact on the choices you make throughout your career and as you develop your financial and legacy plans. No matter what your age or stage in life, these issues can apply to you now.

Everyone must face the issue of heaven and eternity. Death is, of course, inevitable. Your approach to death and your faith should affect decisions that you make while living here on Earth.

We may be successful with our financial planning, the products we choose to use and the money that we save, but we can't take it with us. Our view regarding living this Earthly life as opposed to the length of time that eternity represents makes our decisions vitally important. You are responsible for planning for your future and for the futures of others who are important to you.

Cross In Front of a Sunset

Free Book

We want to recommend a book that we are offering you free of charge. It is "The Treasure Principle," by Randy Alcorn, whose message is discovering the secret of joyful giving. This book addresses the question of giving and questions about heaven and eternity. We would love to send you a copy and invite you to email us today. Remember, God has promised us a safe landing, but not smooth sailing.